Question everything. Never blindly accept a premise. Solutions should be sought to problems, not to existing solutions.

Believe in the idea, or find a new one. If you do not believe in your solution, go back to the drawing board. If you do not believe in the mission, this is not a project for you.

Research. Do not assume that the best answers are to be found in your own mind. Remember that design is a process.

Consider not only what you can bring to a project, but what a project can bring to the world. Prioritise socially driven enterprises and projects that you believe will bring about positive change.

Be honest. Never seek to deceive. With the power to manipulate imagery, comes the responsibility to not manipulate people.

Elevate the good ideas, they will sell themselves. Do not waste effort manufacturing demand for that which is worthless.

Collaborate. Exchange ideas and knowledge. Strive to involve a wider community. Cross-pollination will aid the evolution of our work.

Be mindful of your perspective. Perspective does not equal truth. Be aware, as a viewer, what you bring to the work. Seek diverse viewpoints. Avoid privileging your own perspective.

Respect human effort. Make any experience one that is worthy of the user’s time and energy.